5 Ways Escorts Wreck Dating The Average Lady

There’s no special feeling other than the one that makes one look like the most critical male-personality in the world. It’s even more complimentary when she sees you as someone skilled in almost every topic you talk about.

She’s never told you that you’ve committed blunders neither has she forced you to stop and have a rethink to check perhaps you’ve somehow gone wrong. Never! She cannot because she’s just an escort who’s been paid to act and make you feel virtual companionship. The only thing on her mind is to get yourself to her every time you’re together. Have you always wondered what eventually happens when one gets used to treatments such as this from an escort? The following gives you some insights on ways escorts ruins dating the average woman:

1. Averagely, women have days of bad hair and make-ups

No matter how beautiful and admirable a woman is, she also definitely has her days of bad make-ups and weird hairdos. An average woman does not look good every time. Sometimes, her hair, clothes, nails, and others are not always posh or highly rated. She might not always get dressed in the best of designers that you’ve anticipated of her. Unlike your escort, she may have all the pride and finesse for being a woman, and she cannot always look smart when she’s off her home. No woman is seen 100% perfect every time.

2. Your utmost pleasure is not in her job

Most definitely, the job of an escort is to get you satisfied and pleasure-filled. However, it is pertinent to understand that when you’re seeing a woman, your peak satisfaction is nowhere in her dictionary of goals. But, while dating, each body should try and ensure the duo are having a nice time. Escorts are not good in relationships because that’s not their area of professionalism. They might make you selfish and forget about real dating.

3. She’s always an uncertainty

Luckily, you and the person engaged in dating might get everything moving fine. Nonetheless, that does not depict that she’s certain and definite. Unlike the former, a date with an escort is an automatic assurance of a splendid evening. This is not true with a regular woman because you’re not sure if you’d be called in for some super-duper romance or just a normal kiss on the cheek while you’re at the door.

4. She’ll discuss a lot about herself

Understandably, a date will discuss a lot with you about herself, family, job and whatever she sees as interesting to share. She’ll require your undivided attention to every detail which you’ll have to remember.

5. She may not be as cultured, well-educated and social as escorts

Oftentimes, escorts have a comprehensive knowledge base. They are formally exclusive education, travel far and wide and may have moved with great cliques, with a code range of specialty in perhaps arts or music. However, a couple of women haven’t been watered with such exposures and experiences.

An escort vs. a one-night stand

Many people who prefer to have one night stands rather than engage the services of a professional escort do so because they believe it is cheaper and a lot more adventurous to randomly hook up with strangers for the night. However, they fail to realize that one night stands may turn out to be disappointing, offering less or no adventure as anticipated.

Also, the price you might be forced to pay in handling the repercussions that might arise from one night of indiscretion might end up being much more than you ever bargained for. This is why using escort services is failsafe. It’s all business, for you and the escort and so, you have fewer headaches to deal with. Here are the reasons you should hire an escort instead of having a one-night fling:

  1. You are in control of the selection process: sometimes, picking a partner for a one-night affair forces you to lower your standards or seek out the most vulnerable looking person to take home, because often, rejections are high and the ones you want do not want you. This is an unfortunate gamble, and you may be inclined to settle for less. However, the entire process of hiring an escort lies wholly in your control. You have an incredible choice of partners and get to choose based on your preferences, of physical appearance like height, hair color, body type, age, etc., or any other attributes you find attractive, like being a good conversationalist or having a vast knowledge of issues. It is all up to you.
  • You can be selfish without feeling guilty about it: unlike one night stands, there are no expectations or pressures on you to satisfy or please your partner. You can dominate the entire process or make any demands and not feel guilty because everything is really about you and what pleases you. The escort is there for your satisfaction and gives you the kind of attention that you desire. With them, you can try out new things or unleash your fantasies without worrying about offending your partner, because it is all business. What you pay for is what you get and what you feel won’t be regret but exhilaration and satisfaction that one-night stands cannot offer you.
  • You are guaranteed an exciting experience with an escort: there is no guarantee that your one night stand would be as exciting and thrilling as you imagined or that they would give you the kind of pleasure or attention that you yearn for, so the encounter might leave you disappointed and angry with yourself. Get an escort instead. Escorts are professionals and experts at what they do, and they offer you services such as companionship or intimacy you can count on. They leave you with memorable experiences that live with you for long. And the best part is that they are very discreet and private about the whole business, so you never have to worry about anything or uncomfortable situations arising.


There are different types of escort to choose from, which depends on the number of sessions you are looking to have in your space. These escorts are not in this business without reason; they have thousands of reasons to be in it; the incentives they get alone is enough reason for them to stay.

The upbringing of escorts varies, which in turn affects the way they see their profession. To meet your needs, it is advisable to align your interests with your escort to get the best results possible. Although escorts can be classified in countless forms, the following are a few of the most sought after ones:

  1. Material Girl: Just as the name depicts, the material girl escort is all for the cash. You can catch her mostly spotting designer bags, shoes and she shows off her labels as often as she pleases. Be sure to be off her list ones she perceives you are nothing close to the best. Whether it’s a bottle of wine or a hotel suite, it has to be expensive and meet her very high standard before she even considers it. Be sure to shower her with lots of treats and gifts such as clothing, jewelries, and accessories, also be ready to pay her exorbitant fees with tips on it because she aims for comfort and affluence. To match her exquisite taste, she dreams of possessing a pleasant residence in a choice location only for elites which must be decorated with only high-class furnishings.
  • Niche Escort: This type of escort serves in an uncommon way and offers services that may not be offered by the others. She may choose to fascinate you uniquely or may even be ferocious in her ways. She may be the everyday person who has decided to meet the needs of her clients who are looking for something beyond the ordinary. Having experienced various abnormal traits over time, niche escorts are very receptive. They may, however, be more disciplined in their conducts and may be guided by more principles above other escorts. Their business is more one-sided due to the unique service they offer, compared to others. They take their rules and regulations seriously and expect their clients to do the same, which is why they do not take qualities like punctuality, itinerary, and respect with levity. Due to the uniqueness and scarcity of their services, it is not guaranteed that they will not charge high.
  • Rebel: It is a possibility that this type of escort came from a privileged background but decided to toe the line that is opposite and fun, different from what she was brought up with. Bored of the same old ways of speaking or behaving in a certain kind of way, the rebel is easily upset if she perceives that she is expected to put the thought of others about her into consideration. She doesn’t want to be the typical girl next door, and a straight path to life is not her thing. She is entertained by the reactions of others towards her profanity or behavior, the thought of her family being horrified at her way of life, energizes her. She can act well-mannered and couth if she pleases, but she would instead go the dirty route, using obscene words and being eccentric. She is the best option for clients who do not mind a little spark in their lives.